Tag Day 2015-2016

Tag Day is the most important fundraiser for the JEB Stuart High School music department, benefiting all students participating in Band, Chorus and Orchestra. It takes place every September to form a strong base for the yearly expenses of uniforms, instrument purchase and repair, parades and performances, scholarships, guest clinicians, and participation fees in competitions and festivals.

This long-standing tradition of JEB Stuart High School will take place this year on Saturday, September 19, 2015. Groups of four or six will depart with a volunteer parent driver to go door-to-door in pairs, visiting homes in the Stuart neighborhoods. All neighbors are given a calendar of Stuart music performances, and donors to Stuart receive a tax-deductible receipt for their records.

Tag Day pays for a lot of things that the county does not pay for:

It pays in part for the varied uniforms worn by the chorus, band and orchestra students, and the maintenance of all of these. It pays for the fancy plumes on the marching band hats.

It pays for sheet music and folders. It might also pay for new instrument cases.

It pays for the color guard flags and the banners.

It pays for the additional instructors and visiting clinicians who share their talents with our student musicians.

It helps to pay the unexpected costs that arise from the Spring Trip.

A successful Tag Day ensures that the events planned for the music department throughout the school year can really happen. A successful Tag Day helps all chorus, orchestra, band students, marching band and color guard members.

Thank you!

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