Saturday, November 10, 2012

District Chorus Audition Results- 2012

Congratulations to the following students who will be representing Stuart in the 2012 District Choir:

SSAA Choir (9th & 10th grade women)
Hillary Leersnyder- S1
Caroline Do- S1
Galen Henderson- S2

SATB Choir (11th & 12th grade women; all Men)
Raina Aide- S1
Lili Harrison- S1
Tessa Burzio- S2
Adja Toure- S2
Christine Do- S2
Alice Belmonte- A2
Shannon Sullivan- A2
Justin Woodrum- T1
Mike Ritter- T2
Amine Mohcine- T2
Levon Lucas- B1
Nebal Maysaud- B1
Luke Burzio- B2
Michael Nguyen- B2

Please note that in some cases voice parts were changed on judges recommendation. If you were accepted on a voice part other than what you auditioned on it is not a typo.
Congratulations to everyone who completed the audition process! I will have score sheets available for you on Monday if you'd like to see how you did. I am very proud of each of you.
- Mrs. Eiting

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