Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TAG DAY 2013-2014!!!

Saturday, 9/13/14: Tag Day. This is it! Parents and Students, we need you! See Tag Day tab for more information.
Tag Day driver sign-up sheet: http://www.jooners.com/guest?l=fc95f10f-6178-4ee6-8be3-1920ddde6136

DONATE ONLINE: You can make your Tag Day donation here through PayPal! (Donations made through this button will be allocated to the JEB Stuart High School Music Department, including band, choir, and orchestra) Note: If you donate by PayPal, 2.2% plus a $0.30 service fee will be charged. It will not be added to your total donation. For example, a donation of $25.00 will result in $24.15 going to the Music Department and $0.85 toward PayPal fees.

To donate now CLICK BELOW:

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